January 20, 2018


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We recognize that many organizations face tight budgets and limited resources to complete projects, whether that involves creating a new grantmaking strategy, fundraising for necessary building repairs, or receiving much-needed assistance with a pressing question.  At Kienker Consulting, we have designed our business model to ensure that we make our services affordable to the organizations that need us most.

We regularly accept RFPs and provide quotes to those interested in our services.  Kienker Consulting uses an hourly rate system for the majority of our work.  As a rule, we set out to deliver high-quality results to its clients, on time and within budget.

As a business that specializes in the philanthropic sector, Kienker Consulting also regularly gives back to our clients and community.  Whether through pro bono services, educational workshops, or conference presentations, we constantly seek to improve the state of philanthropy in Michigan and across the country.